Rosie Heares

Fun facts

  • I married my best friend who I met on a blind date. He proposed a week later. It's been 27 years and he's still my BFF. (He's pretty handy with a camera too and often comes along to shoots as my assistant and he's very good).

  • I'm a mum of two grown up boys, both over 6ft, one is showing a keen interest in photography and often accompanies me to shoots. I love having him around, he has some really great ideas and brings a younger vision to things. The other is studying IT at uni so comes in handy with those 'techie' questions.

  • I celebrated my 50th in Las Vegas with friends - because why not.

  • I found my creative outlet late in life. But I found it!

  • I love all animals but cows are my favourite.

  • I love road trips - our latest was driving from Los Angeles to New York and back again in six weeks - approximately 12,000kms. And yes I took SOOOO many photos. Can't wait to do it again.

My Story

I’ve always been into anything crafty or creative. I knit, I sew, I crochet, I was a dressmaker back in the day.

I love creating things, I have so many projects around the house lol.  Boxes of wool and fabrics waiting for inspiration.

One day a few years ago I was chatting with my oldest son and he said 'Mum, what do you really want to do?'. I said I have always enjoyed photography but I’ve never been brave enough to learn. He said ‘Okay Mum, I’ll do it with you'.

As soon as I took my first photography class I was hooked and I knew it was what I was meant to do. I wish I had found it years ago, but as they say better late than never.  Who knew it would just take my son holding my hand to give me the courage I needed.

Because of that I have learnt to step out of my comfort zone which in turn has allowed me to met some very creative, talented and amazing friends and enter a world of creativity.

I love to see the joy on your face as you see your photos for the first time and the memories I create for you and your family.  I specalise in people, natural light and using nature as a backdrop.  Having a precious photos of your family's generations are priceless.

I also love travel photography so if you are on holiday in Brisbane what a great idea to do a location shoot and I can double as a tour guide and take you to some of the best spots to see Brisbane.

Travel blogs and other adventures

My other passion is travel and blogging.  Of course combining that with photography is just icing on the cake.  If you would like to join us on our adventures then pop on over to check out our blogs on   


Check out some of my shots on Instagram


Guru winning advice.JPG

GuruShots Solo exhibition

My photo was chosen to be part of the Solo exhibition in Vienna, Austria.


GuruShots Kodak Moments

My photo was in the top 30% and also selected to be in the Kodak Moments exhibition

Some of the details of the exhibition.

Some of the details of the exhibition.