Day 11 | Fresno to Las Vegas

Up at dawn (well more like 9.00am) and down for our complimentary breakfast. Terrible night sleep as the bed was like a brick.  So much for the innovative bed system - well that clearly didn't work! The pillows were that material that continues compacting continuously but slowly, so you end up with it folded four times and still not achieving any thickness. Anyway, at least it was only one night.

Breakfast was okay, actually for free it was pretty good. It was the usual eggs, bacon, pastries, etc. Anyone who can live on this full time should be termed a “survivor”. Still, as a treat it is yummy. The kids even opted for cereal (as well).

GPS set for Vegas baby. A drive of only six and a half hours. We stopped in Bakersfield for fuel. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds as the freeway shoots through or past these places and you have to get off and cruise around looking for whatever. The fuel stop isn’t a problem as the GPS got us there but when you try to get off to go back to find something you can have a hard time of it.  Angus is getting the hang of using the servo, even to the point of getting coffee as well today.

The drive was beautiful and the scenery was stunning in places, lots of rocks and mountains. The views were very like the scenes from Cars the cartoon with the steep inclines and these sweeping valleys.

We stopped at a roadside fruit shop and had lunch which was yum homemade pies. Nom nom nom. Apparently they were called fry-pies and were a culinary creation of the “Okies” which were the name of the financial immigrants of the depression competing for work in the area and combining their Southern cooking styles with those of the Hispanic fieldworkers they met. It was a bit like a Cornish pastie with potato in it. They come with an authentic mild salsa and a cheese sauce. Very nice. McKay’s was going down well until he flipped it onto his bag in the back of the car. No harm done but the veggie stains on the strap looked a bit dubious as we were checking in later after our long drive.

Another set of hills with the wind turbines. These were like the other day except they were all shapes and sizes like they were a showroom for the things. They were everywhere.

Arrived at Las Vegas at about 6.30pm and it was amazing. On the drive in it was all video screen billboards and frankly difficult to concentrate on the driving when Hooters show advert is competing with the weaving traffic (Angus said). Checked into our room and were upgraded to one of the new suites – win.

We are on the 17th floor and have a strip view of sorts. The Hotel is a, sort-of, zig-zag shape in plan with rooms on both sides and the ends and is serviced by a number of lifts. I’m sure we’ll work it out but Angus says his sense of direction makes every lift destination a bit of a surprise.

Down to the buffet for dinner - $20 all you can eat and it was really nice, but so much to choose from you could have easily overeaten for sure.

The boys wanted to rest in the room so Rosie and Angus went for a ride in the monorail to check out the strip. As we were tired after a long day of driving we had an early night and went to bed at 2.15 am.
Oh oh oh – just as we are about to shut down – we hear a commotion across the hall – hotel security yelling into the room across from us. Looking though the peep hole Angus could see directly across from our room.  Two security guards, two LVPD cops and a tiny manager-lady was at their door. 
“Hotel security, open up or we are coming in!” 
“No you’re not coming in. I’m sleeping, man!” 
“Open up now or we are coming in. We have had a complaint about some noise, a fight” 
“What! Me? I’m here alone. My Grand-daughter’s next door but I’m in here alone and you can’t come in.”

Then the next door room opens and a lady comes out and says she was the one that complained and it was further down the hall. Sounded like a couple of guys wrestling against the walls. Now she’s awake and won’t be able to get to sleep. What a drama. I wonder what that was about? It was highly entertaining.

Highlights of the day:

McKay – buffet dinner at the casino. 
O’Regan – the vegies and the sushi at the buffet. 
Angus – Passing the place where the Sun Maid raisins come from. Eaten them since I was a kid and always wondered. 
Rosie – my real cup of tea (from Maccas) and veggies with dinner (sad but true) and the first glimpse of Las Vegas as you arrive.

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