Day 12 | Las Vegas

We had a late start this morning after such a late night last night. McKay had a bit of a cold and with the dry air we’ve all got blocked noses. Still, after the late night it was good to not have to race out against the clock.

We were roused by the cleaners in the hallway with their vaccum cleaners and walkie talkies – thought it was like 6.00am – but it was actually about 9.00am, opps.

O’Regan, Angus and Rosie went down for breakfast and left McKay sleeping.

We decided on a slow day today as we were feeling very tired. We checked out the pool – wow very cool might do that tomorrow. The temperature here is not that hot but everyone here seems to be sunbathing. The sunshine seems incredibly bright but doesn’t seem to be as hot as Brisbane.

Went down to the valet parking to get the car (oh the joys) and drove to Primm down by the California-Nevada border to check out the outlet mall – 150 shops and a casino under one roof. The casino is quite quiet as is the mall which is a bit of a shame. We have been to better outlet malls but it was still something.

Drive back to the hotel down the strip – was amazing there is so much happening in all directions. All the hotels are massive and amazing. There is constant action from sundown at each of the hotels, each trying to coax people in.

We had dinner at the Stratosphere buffet again (I think we all just needed a day off). On our way back from dinner we stopped and put $5 in the pokies and the kids were standing with us. Even O’Regan thought this was very wrong as Queensland law has the gambling area, like a bar area, restricted to people over 18. Here there are people all over the place with kids and more weirdly there are even smoking areas all over the place. It’s like the seventies. There are people of all ages smoking, eating and drinking everywhere.

Early night tonight, we owe O’Regan a swim tomorrow that we missed today as they close at 6.00pm.

Highlights of the day:
Rosie – playing on the pokies with the kids watching, there seems something so wrong about that. 
Angus – all the foreign tourists making us feel at home. 
McKay – pizza for lunch and sleeping in. 
O’Regan – game zone at the outlet mall.

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