Day 1 [Part 2] | LA to Las Vegas

We were now off to Las Vegas, stopping for lunch at Peggy Sue's Diner.

This is in Yermo, which is not really a town at all. This is a diner which amazing food with a 1950's nostalgia. Odd but sincere.

The four hour trip to Vegas was stretched out due to it being spring break and a truck accident.  We arrived in Vegas and attempted to find our car park for the Casino Royale. Unlike our "Street view" simulation the car park road was shut with road works resulting in wild circling trying to find the back. After parking in some random Casino car park we then had to find the front again. The sheer distances in Vegas can't be over estimated as the Casinos go out of their way to prevent walking through but get you lost like a maze of pokies.

 But we made it to the correct reception, checked in and then had to recover the car and the baggage.

Once we had located our room we went for a stroll around Vegas and to find somewhere to eat.  We had dinner at the Hash House a-go-go in Harrah's. Awesome food and greats service.

When our orders arrived, they were massive - even the people at the next table asked if they could take photo's they were so impressive.  Funny that eating dinner at 10.30pm and the place was packed.  We ordered the fried chicken on waffles and a side salad between us and we didn't even finish it.

We finally went to bed at 1.00am.  We were buggered.  Night all.