Day 2 | Dang what a Day

This morning we stayed in until past midday. Once up we walked up to the Peppermill Restaurant.  It's only two blocks but here in Vegas that’s a mile (1.6 km) but the footpaths are packed. On the way there were lots of bikini clad girls making thier way to the Wynn Resort - Beach Club, where you pay for access poolside for a DJ party. Luckily it was warm (high 20s) because there wasn't much covering going on. 

At the Peppermill the food was amazing, Angus opted for the eggs Benedict with hash browns and Rosie the Pastrami melt. They were both fantastic with the hollandaise being yummy and the Pastrami melting in your mouth. But best by far were the French fries I kid you not.

The ladies at the table next to us received their order and she said loudly 'Dang it they forgot my hash brown.'  We giggled - might start using that.

We started back towards the Royale realising we had little time to change and get to the dinner and show we had booked at the 'D Hotel', which is at the Freemont end of Vegas. The Cab-ride started slow, crawling and stopping in traffic as we explained that we had tickets to a show that started in less than 15 minutes. Passing inside and gesticulation edged the cab onto the freeway and we barn-stormed like we were being chased as he pushed to get us there (it was scarily fast). Steaming into the drop-off zone we paid and jumped out. Running into another casino labyrinth we sought staff, finally getting to the show room.

Upon arrival at the show Angus couldn't find his phone! Last seen in the cab.  Panic set in - must have lost it in the cab.  We quickly pulled up the "Find my iPhone" App and set it to missing.  

The show was brilliant with the main compere drawing everyone in and getting us all to suspect each other. The table we were at was full of a wedding party from Nebraska, the couple having met on and now having a wedding with both sides all coming to Vegas. Then Rosie’s phone rang. A guy said he had the phone and was in the same Casino, let’s meet. I'm at the “D” Concierge, right now. Like mission impossible.

Angus left Rosie in the show and ran to the reception area in search of the Concierge. He waited, the concierge didn't know anything but got Security in. He was a big guy in a suit who looked like he could “make me an offer” and steepled his fingers at me. The phone buzzed, I answered, my man was now at reception. I raised my hand, dismissing the Security guy (who rolled his eyes at me) and ran back to reception. 

“What you wearing?” said the caller. You had to see the humour. “Um” then a hand went on my shoulder and a black man with grey hair and whiskers, about 50 waved while we still talked on the phones. Seems he’d found the phone in the cab, taken it (apparently even locked phones have a resale value in the parts business, a second income for cab drivers) and was going to hand it in to the “D” reception when the “missing, ring this number” buzzed. So he rang it. I thanked him for his honesty (and gave in ten dollars, well, it was something). We shook hands, lamented dishonesty and hugged for some reason. 

The rest of the show was outrageously funny with shooting, poisoning and stabbing culminating in the unveiling of the murderer.  The food was abysmal, the wait staff disinterested (although the bar man was excellent) but with the show it didn't seem to matter.

Everyone thought we were either from Canada or the UK - funny.  They were most impressed when we said we were from Australia.  As we were leaving the girl next to us came up and apologise as she said she really thought it was us (that we were the murderers) lol.

While up that end of town we watched the Freemont Street light show, buskers and crazy folk. It’s amazing that all these people are in different places in such huge numbers. It’s pretty good behaviour considering the massive alcohol consumption really.  (Only a couple of paralytic drunks.)

Back to the Royale, this time remembering to empty all our stuff out the cab.  Went for a midnight stroll though Vegas and watched the musical Bellagio fountains. Lovely as ever. Then back to the hotel before 1.00 am. 

Early night at 2.45am.  (Vegas would break us lol).