Day 3 | Shopping, shopping, shopping

Today we planned to make an early start to go to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets – South. This is an outdoor arcade on shops assembly of mainly brand-name clothing shops. As far as being outlet stores they mainly have this and last season’s stock at good prices with most items being available in most sizes. 
There are tours from the Hotels to these outlets for visitor to Vegas but we just took the car. We couldn’t think of anything worse than travelling in a bus with bundles of shopping. 
Starting out at about 10.00am (they don’t open early) we followed the trip we took in the cab yesterday but it took longer without screaming along. The skyline of the Casinos are always amazing and it was good to leisurely drive up the freeway.

We had a quick breakfast at the food court of Chinese which wasn’t very good. We have not learnt to share yet so we had far too much. Always have to get used to not finishing.

Last visit we noticed a lot of international tourists that come to this place and today was no different. In the hand bag shop there was a big group of Japanese tourists who were content to peer at what you were holding or lean in to get at the shelves in front of you. Very different personal space culture added to the ‘sale’ excitement of these places. There were also people who had their dogs along, an Asian lady had the full-screened on the pram to keep in her two terriers. No one seems to have a problem with dogs in the shops.

Every shop greeted us with a cheery hello and were most helpful and friendly.  One of the dress shops took Rosies clothes to the fitting and put her name on the door like she was some kind of celebrity. 

Finally finished for the day an early dinner seemed like a good idea so Wendy’s it was. Wendy’s is a burger restaurant that hasn’t got to Australia but they have a chilli and a variety of salads which are always good. The GPS sent us off to a branch out in the suburbs. Of course, we over-ordered.

We had a wander around the neigbhourhood and popped into the local Walgreens to pick up a couple of things.  Then back to the room for an early night.  We are planning to get up early tomorrow for a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Our feet are tired and worn out from all that shopping.