Day 5 | Rest day

This morning Rosie woke up with a sore throat and a head-ache- uh-oh, maybe a cold after yesterday's visit to the Grand Canyon. Angus went down to Walgreens (the pharmacy / drugstore) and picked up a couple of options for throat-spray and some Tylenol (panadol). Then after a quick dosing off we went to walk parts of the strip, particularly to get down to the M&M and Coke shops. 

The first stop was at Sephora at the Venetian. The Venetian is all colonnades and arcades including a Bridge of Sighs and gondola that paddle about. The details in this place are amazing down from the column plinths to the intricate tiled floors. It was a little quieter on the strip today so you could walk around without too much effort like it has been. Sephora is a cosmetics shop and the range is massive. With the quieter day

The next stop was to watch the Bellagio fountains during the day. Regularly playing these are pretty fun. 

Next stop was Caesars Palace and a quick look at the Swatch shop. Rosie picked up a watch from there. While walking around Caesars the watch flew off as the clapse broke – guess that’s a trip back to the shop!  Caesars is a massive shopping mall / Casino / Hotel.  We found the Cheesecake Factory (as Penny from the Big Bang Theory waitresses at) where we had lunch. The lunch was good but we took a slice of Lindas Chocolate Cake which is extra awesome. 

Further down we went through the dedicated Coca Cola Shop, all possible merchandise was there. The shop is four levels and has narrow escalators. On our arrival there was a huge pile up as one of the "up" escalators stopped and until they gave up on it no one was allowed up. Everyone was coming in a stalling all on the ground floor. 

There’s also a guy in a Polar Bear outfit for photos. He’s really funny with the kids and when we arrived he was lead out for his break by his minder as his costume makes him almost blind. Angus was certain they were the same team that were here a few years ago. 

The M&M Shop is next door and probably a bit busier. Here is also full of merchandise of a colourful candy basis. We got a few things for the kids and ourselves. 

On the way back to the Casino Royale we decided to pay to go up the Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Casino. The replica is about half scale and offers a great view up and down the strip and the sunset behind the mountains. It was a great time of day as you could watch the shadows lengthen and the city light up. At the same time the glare of the sun across the mountain ridge changed colour and contrast. The wind was getting up and in addition to swaying a bit it was freezing. Apparently it is to scale so the original must be adventurous. 

Early night is called for as it’s check out tomorrow - so on the walk back we relented for a McDonalds dinner. Cherry pies are still 2 for a dollar.