Day 14 | Bye Seattle hello Roseburg

The time has come to farewell Seattle. Our last morning in the Roosevelt and there's a check out time of noon but we’ve a lot to do. 

First thing we have to follow up a lead on a waffle shop for breakfast that Rob let us in on last night. We went out first before checking out as it was best done on foot as it was just down on Third St. 

The secret here is they use a waffle dough and they come out crispy and bready. We both had maple bacon but they do a range of sweet as well.  They were delicious and the eccentric staff certainly added to the food. On the way back we looked in at Nordstrom Rack, where they send end-of-line and last-season’s stock.  There were a lot of fabulous shoes and clothes at great prices. 

The check out was painless but we seem to have attracted some extra baggage since arriving.  Getting the car back from the Valet was good although Angus took a few moments to re-establish driving on the right.  It’s even harder in Seattle as there is a great one-way system but sometimes you actually drive on the left. 

The International District in Seattle is home to a number of fabulous Chinese restaurants, one of which was the Jade Garden recommended to us by Michelle and Rob.  We stopped in for Dim Sum (Yum Char) at midday.  We were overwhelmed with the variety and taste of the dishes and atmosphere – it was some of the best yum char we have had.  Needless to say we ate so much we rolled out of there.

It was then a quick drive around Capitol Hill were we fell in love with the tree lined streets and pretty houses and so close to the city.  It was bustling with activity with interesting people and goings on – we would have loved to stop and just people watch.

There was no choice now we had to leave.

We drove south to Roseburg through Portland and Eugene – this time without any rain so got to see the pretty country side and the mountains.

We arrived in Roseburg a little after 7pm and went to dinner at the Rodeo Steak House & Grill.  We did drive round town but didn’t see them offering $28 three course first class meals anywhere so settled on the Rodeo Steak House which was a quaint wee place with a lot of character.  

As our washing was beginning to take over the suitcases we decided it was a good place to stop and do some washing.  Ending our evening writing our blog while watching our washing go round and round.

Tomorrow we drive to San Francisco.