Day 15 | Roseburg to San Francisco

We woke early but tired at the "America's Best" in Roseburg (it’s title, not qualification). Angus went over to reception to confirm that the complimentary breakfast was tiny cellophane wrapped Danishes before we showered to go out for breakfast.  Elmer’s was our choice this morning and it was a beautiful day.  

This restaurant is one of a chain that is mainly over Washington and Oregon.  This was a really nice one and seemed new.  Quickly seated we got breakfast sorted.  Vanilla French toast, waffles and assorted yummy things were eaten with maple syrup.  Angus also enjoyed the coffee almost as much as the bacon and eggs.  It was going to be a long drive to San Francisco today.  

We also had to stop at Wal-Mart.  Angus was getting some new jeans and Rosie wanted to have a look at the tee shirts for the boys.  Angus also got some car window cleaner as the bugs were getting very thick and we were finding it hard to take pictures.  Turns out it hadn’t so much run out of washer fluid as he was pushing the wrong button – opps – we now have 5 litres to use up lol.

Finally on the road south we started climbing out through a high pass (thank goodness it was warm, these must be difficult when it is snowing or frosted).  It was warm, approaching 30 degrees at times.  The countryside was beautiful and changing as we went from plains to hills, the mountain passes and then onto California.  

We did have a stop at a petrol station that had been shut for years.  The office couldn’t be seen from the pumps so we were all ready to go until Angus found the office abandoned in the 1980s.  Luckily he hadn’t left it too late.  

As the sun set the colours in the sky lead us to stop for a while to try and capture it.  It has got so cold now we couldn’t stay for long.  

And finally a tunnel and there it was – the Golden Gate.  When driving across southwards you go though the toll gates.  There was nothing but 'don’t stop’ signs so we just had to drive through and work that out later.  

Even at night time it is amazing.  Strangely for us it had no median barrier and we continued into San Francisco.  We quickly found La Luna Inn on Lombard St, struggled to park and checked in.  7 hours after leaving we were keen to eat.  Ribs, buffalo wings and garlic fries.  Back to the room and the planning for tomorrow.