Day 19 | Japan Town in San Francisco

This morning we had a later breakfast for the last whole day in San Francisco. We walked to the Marina District on another stunningly sunny day and chose a cafe for coffee and food.   We have really enjoyed the location of this hotel and being able to walk around such an interesting area.  On our walk back to the hotel this morning we observed yet another good Samaritan giving food to a homeless man – people really care.

Japantown is a part of Chinatown and the centre of the Cherry Blossom Festival that is on this (and last) weekend.  We went to the main mall there so we could to check out some of the Japanese animation collectables and absorb another part of San Francisco.  The Japanese Restaurants here in the mall are fabulous looking but all we could manage was frozen yoghurt.  

We stopped in at a store in Polk St to look at doggie toys.  There are a lot of shop-front dog-groomers and some amazing dogs in this neighbourhood.  

Coit Tower is a concrete tower built on a high area overlooking the bay.  The views from the tower are meant to be good but it is closed at the moment for renovations.  We drove up and parked but even the urban views were a bit muted as the trees have grown up.  Anyway, it was worth seeing.  There are lots of tourist locations in this city and it is full of some amazing views.  Because of the steep hills things are always looking appearing quite close.  For instance there are views from here of the Oakland Bridge in the east, Alcatraz in the North and the Golden Gate to the west.  

Lombard St is known as the crookedest street.  It descends (it's a one-way thank goodness) and bends back on itself.  We took the Tahoe down but it was easy to sympathise with the residents of this up-market street.  People are queue to walk up, drive down and photograph it.  All the cars drift down with much whooping and waving going on.  There’s lots of stop-starting as people need to get in and out of the cars.  

We had a quick dinner tonight at a sandwich/sports bar.  Although parking was painful (street parking doesn’t seem to turn over and the signage is often ambiguous) we got there.  We almost interrupted as there were two games on, Oakland Vs someone on one screen and the SF Giant vs LA on the other.  The spectators in the bar were vocal on both games at the same times.  

Time to pack away our things and get ready for our the next adventure – we are driving the Coast Road tomorrow to Pismo Beach.