Day 21 | Pismo Beach to San Diego

The weather this morning was drizzly and overcast which made a nice change from the bright sunshine lol – sadly it meant no photos from Pismo and the beaches on the way down.

Huckleberry's is a breakfast/lunch restaurant with a southern theme and our breakfast venue this morning. The menu is all spectacular with the standard items of waffles and pancakes added to by the southern inclusions of 'chicken fried steak’ and lots of things with peppers and chillies.  Rosie got a Huckleberry Lemonade which is served in what they call a mason jar and topped with huckleberries jam.  It was so delicious.  It is something to remember that here lemonade is something made of lemons and sugar not Sprite or 7-up.  At least the coffee works out the same.  

Then there was the Premium Outlets Pismo for a quick look.  We couldn’t not as it is over the road from Huckleberry’s. 

On our journeys we have been stopping at the marked ‘Vista Points’ to check out the incredible views. Obviously we have been very spoilt as when we stopped at one today we were underwhelmed (we felt very rude as it was still very spectacular).   

From here we continued south towards Santa Barbara and Calabasas (where the old Kardashian home is) and into Los Angeles, which is difficult to avoid.  Being about 5 pm on a weekday we did expect a bit of traffic delay.  It just crawled though the 60 miles (100 km) across LA from Hollywood to Capistrano but it is still urban for a bit south.  The scale of this city is hard to put into context.  

We were to meet up with Terry in San Diego, a friend Rosie has connected with via an app called Wander.  Rosie kept her in touch with our latest travel calculations.  Luckily Terry had a Chilies Restaurant closer to where we were coming from.  

As the sun set we passed the beginning of the Pendleton Marine Corp area which the I-5 passes beside for 30 km.  We were making good time now.  

Arriving at the restaurant we started going through to get our little gifts from the luggage for Terry and she came over noticing our going through our bags.  It was great to meet after just communicating through Facebook (and previously Wander).  We are very privileged to have this opportunity.  Everyone has similarities but it was funny that our Alfie and her Kurt Russel are very similar doggies.  We ate and chatted like we were old friends and it was really interesting.  

We are off to Sea World tomorrow so another early start.