Day 24 | Los Angeles shopping and observing

At the hotel a basic breakfast is offered and this is our first morning here but this is a rest day so we were planning to take it easy this morning and maybe go out after midday. Angus snuck out to check out the free breakfast (did someone say 'free'?). On arrival at the stately hour of 9 (they stop at 10) he was confronted by a waffle machine and alerted Rosie immediately. These are great. If you’ve never had them like this, you get a little cup and fill it from a tap with premade waffle mix. You pour it in the electric waffle iron in a rack and turn it over, initiating a timer. When the time runs out you take out a hot crunchy, light waffle. Syrup and/or butter are great accompaniments. 

It also gives you the opportunity to chat and interact with your fellow guests which is good (although post-coffee is better). 

Being a rest day we thought we should just pop up to the Glendale Mall and check out the route for the Warner Bros tour tomorrow. Warner Bros is in Burbank and easy to find and in a beautiful neighbourhood. There are a couple of notes about driving around Los Angeles that have come to mind. If you have a look at a map of greater LA it is criss-crossed by freeways, not really north-south, not really east-west and with a numbering system that may not even be continuous and because of the transitions you can be on more than one ‘number’ at a time. They all join up at intersections, some long and curved, some short and sharp. Contrary to the advice from Yoda we don’t trust the force but the GPS to handle all this. That doesn’t mean that we don’t yell a lot as we pass our exit doh. 

Unfortunately when we got to Glendale it was shut (it is Easter Sunday so there a couple of places shut). Second on the list was the Outlet mall. So, back on the road it is. 

Due to the holiday and a number of other malls being shut this place seemed very popular and parking was at a premium – we decided on the valet parking today – for $5 who wouldn’t?

The Citadel Outlets is a large outdoor outlet mall with over a bunch of brand-name stores with a theme of a middle eastern palace. These malls are full of package tours coming by coach and it is interesting watching the different cultures clashing in the shop over a new handbag or pair of shoes. There was even a queue to get into Michael Kors shop (as Fry from Futurama would say ‘shut up and take my money!’). Ain’t nobody got time for that.  We didn’t go in that shop!

We stopped for lunch at a delightful little diner called Ruby’s – offering the usual burgers and sandwiches with a 1950’s theme.

The next stop is Griffiths Observatory, again via the labyrinth. Being a public holiday there are lots of people here for sunset. We had to park and walk quite a way up hill but usually you can park at the top. The Observatory is open for sky viewing and lots of people are wandering around looking at the view from the Hollywood sign to the city spread below. The changing light is amazing as the city takes over from the setting sun but part of the fun is all the people. 

Dinner was at Polly’s Pies and needless to say the best cherry pie we have had.  Might have to break our rule of not eating at the same place twice and have that again.