Day 7 | Lake Tahoe - Breathtaking

This morning the plan was to do a circuit of the Lake and have a look at what's here. The light snow makes everything look amazing.  Here in South Lake Tahoe there are heaps of chalets and homes nestled in the forest.  Quite a few businesses are closed for the end of the winter season and there are contractors and builders busy.  

First thing we wanted to do some washing in the hotel laundry.  The weather was still but cold with the sky blue and the sun blinding.   The laundry was next to the pool and cold but they must do something to stop it freezing.  

West out from South Lake Tahoe is Emerald Bay.  There’s a look out that looks down on this blue-watered bay.  We stopped off and had a wander at the lookout.  There were the tall trees, which occasionally dropped handfuls of snow and this incredible view of the bay.  The rocks and paving were iced over but not too slippery and in the sun it was still warm.  

There were also some more squirrels.  They were playing in the trees.  There were no bears (visible).  Angus thinks they may still be hibernating.  

Winding around the lake north took us through the little villages of quaint homes (and some astounding mansions) all in rock and timber.  We passed the Homewood skifield which is closed even though it still had snow on it.  The ski run starts at the road at the lakeside.  

We stopped in Tahoe City and had lunch in Rosie’s Cafe.  The food was great and the ambience was very alpine with the addition of stuffed mooses on the wall.  There was an upstairs with air hockey and some other games for the kids.  Rosie had "chicken-fried-steak" a standard fare item.  

We also went to a thrift shop and looked at some supplementary cold weather gear.  While we were fossicking one of the ladies said: “Where did I put my beverage?”.  I mean, who says that? But it didn’t seem out of context here.  We also got a bit of a demonstration from the lady at the thrift shop about the silliness of the US coinage.  The 5 is bigger than the 10, which is smaller than the 25 but then the 1 fits in-between.  

Further round the lake to the eastern side and we crossed back into Nevada, punctuated by casinos.  This side has more lake fronted road with awesome views south back into South Lake Tahoe.  After the big lunch we both decided to have a nap.  

We had McDonalds for dinner, 2 pies for a dollar.  

With both of having a cold it is an early night as we are off to Eugene / Springfield tomorrow which is a long eight hour drive.