Day 8 | Bye Lake Tahoe hello Eugene

This morning was clear and we packed up to leave Lake Tahoe. It was so pretty there it is sad to go. We had a little walk down the pier and the snow covered shore. We checked out and were out by 9:30, miraculous. We passed through some dry farmland sided with salt flats on our way north from Carson City. 

The first stop was Reno, Nevada. We stopped a while to watch some guys fly-fishing in the Truckee River that runs through the centre of town. We also drove through the casino road which is a home-made version of Vegas. They also have a "no drinking in the street" law that pretty much characterises Vegas. 

Then there was the long haul back into California and north into Oregon (not O'Regan, as Angus keeps saying). 

Then we came into Eugene OR. A lot bigger than either of us thought (and a little warmer) we checked in to our first “Super 8”. It was clean with a large room and a chatty receptionist who wants to visit Australia one day. 

Then it was off to Walmart to pick up some food and some long pants. Who would have thought this cold weather would still be here. Good cheap Wrangler jeans at $9.97 and tee shirts for $7.50 (for the flash ones). Nice. 

What is still open at 10.00pm for dinner as we were very hungry by now.  Denny's it was - and delicious it was too.

Animals we saw today included deer, 3 on the side the road - shame we were not quick enough to get the camera out.  Roadrunner - too cute again way to fast to react.  A dead skunk (didn't want to photograph that) and squirrels.  Sadly we did not see any bears.

After a very long day driving its off to bed.