Day 11 | Amazing Seattle weather

This morning we stopped in at the Old Navy store and got a few clothes for the kids. It was all good stuff and even though it wasn't an outlet store it was good value. The weather is spectacular today, only 15-20 degC but blindingly sunny.  All the street tree blossoms seem to be trying quite hard.  

Pikes Market in Seattle is one of the oldest in the world.  We went down to this area and watched the marketeers do their thing.  There was a great range of things in addition to the seafood market that it is famous for.  There were crafty things and painting and we did buy some naturally dried cherries covered with various chocolates.  They were delicious.  Even though it was a working day it was busier than yesterday but not at all claustrophobic or frustrating.  Everyone was so chatty.  Some of the buskers were fantastic including some bluegrass banjo guys and the gospel singers outside the first Starbucks.  

We also had a sandwich at the place that Tom Hanks and Bob Ranier were seen in 'Sleepless in Seattle'.  It had a great view out the back of the market to the harbour.  We watched the ferry come and go and remembered that Molly and Rebecca we met yesterday from Minneapolis really enjoyed their trip over to Bainbridge.  

Down to the ferry building saw us on board.  The harbour was flat at a millpond and crossing took us across the front of the city.  The city is off to one side and the famous Seattle Sky Needle is off to another.  The homes and the kids sailing and rowing in the inlet at Bainbridge were really picturesque.  

On the way back over to Seattle - the views were equally amazed by the views with a different course.  

This being Seattle Restaurant Week participants are offering three courses for $28 (small menu of entrée, main and dessert) and we were keen to do this again tonight.  We made a reservation from the ferry (this is Seattle, the home of Apple, Microsoft and Google).  

The Columbia Tower is the highest building in town and offers a viewing level at the 73rd floor.  After having driven in from the south a couple of days ago it was good to get the bearings on this spectacular day.  Clearly we could see some of the features that our Walking guide, Ed, mentioned yesterday including the hospital area, the stadiums and parks and Bellevue off to the east.  

The place we dined at was called the Steelhead Diner and the meal and service were outstanding.  Just to top off the night as we left we were treated to a spectacular sunset over the bay, behind the markets.  
On the walk back to our hotel we stopped in at Starbucks and picked up a coffee – wouldn't be right to not drink at Starbucks in Seattle.