Day 13 | Seattle still beautiful

After a leisurely start to the day, breakfast was the Cheesecake factory, conveniently located across from the Roosevelt. We both had sides of bacon as we are developing an increasing taste for it.  Another fantastic sunny day today, they say it's unusual.  We planned to walk downtown and do a bit of shopping.  

Outside the main Nordstrom store (department store) there was a crowd gathering.  Not ones to be left out we both went over and hovered around the growing crowd.  There was definitely something going on as there were some serious TV news cameras setting up.  There is a walk of fame outside and after asking a guy we found that the founders of indie rock and the grunge movement, sub pop were being given their patch complete with a presentation and a live band, the Helio Sequence.  It was a good atmosphere and fun to be about.  Like a festival.  

We browsed Walgreens the Gap and then off to Old Navy to get a few things while spending a bit of time hanging in the adjacent Westlake Park.  The vibe here in Seattle is very relaxed and fun to see what’s happening.   We stopped to watch a group of men playing outdoor chess.

Tonight we are excited to meet Rob and Michelle from Seattle who Rosie connected with through a pen pal app called Wander.  Dinner this evening was at the RN74 in downtown Seattle and they were also participating in the Seattle Food Week.  This neat restaurant has a massive wine list and one of those airport clicker-boards changing over when the rarer wines are featured.  The company was great and it was good to get to know Rob and Michelle over this awesome menu.   One of the highlights of the meal were duck fat cooked chips – OMG.

Tonight back to the Roosevelt, sad that tomorrow we will need to farewell Seattle.