Day 1 [Part 1] | | So the adventure begins - Brisbane to LA

The flight was good, particularly because of the great seats with tons of extra leg and side room and the food was pretty good too.

We arrived at the new terminal at LAX - new and shiney but still with massive queues and overall about an hour to get through.
We got the shuttle to the Alamo to get the car. On the shuttle bus there was a
girl who took more than 30 selfies in the 20 minute trip.

We upgraded our car to a Tahoe. It was pretty dirty inside, soft drink sticky in a few places. At the exit gate the lady guard asked if we were happy with everything on the inside - we advised 'It's a bit grubby' - she replied 'Thank you, drive on through' waving me out. Right, chalk that up to my assertiveness failure coupled with her lack of interest.

First stop was Wal-Mart at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Crenshaw Blvd in LA to try and get the SIM card for the phones. We arrived at opening time and felt like we appeared the odd-white people out here in South Central.

We had coffee and water at the McDonalds there waiting for the T-mobile to open. They were awesome and the guy there knew straight away and sorted us out.

While driving out of LA we were waiting at the lights when two guys waiting to cross - one was afro combing the other's hair - as they cross the road the guy with the fro starts yelling at the car next to us 'I got a big fro - you ain't got a fro'.  Capital Swag!!

Driving out of the mall there was weird music coming from the rear of the Tahoe (it really is that big that we couldn't isolate where it was). Then when we got on the freeway the back window popped open.  Seems in the 'exploring' I had opened the widow hatch in the tailgate
and the music was from other people's cars. Luckily nothing fell out on the freeway.