Day 22 | San Diego Sea World

It was an early start this morning as we are going to the magical SeaWorld. We had breakfast in the Hotel in La Mesa of toast and pastries. 

We made much better time than expected and arrived even before the park opened - so unlike us. In the entry plaza there was some marine exhibits including some nibbling fish, some rays and sharks and we looked about until the park fully opened. When it did our first ride was on their 'Skytower' which is a raising lift platform over the park. It was good to get our bearings as this is quite a large park. 

On to the dolphin show. The show was fun and with it being a little cloudy it wasn't hard to sit outside like down the Gold Coast. There was also a wet zone that the show might jeopardise but we didn't sit down there.  The brave ones that sat there did get very very wet.  It was fun to watch.

The main roller coaster here is called the Manta and is one of those electro launch ones and nice and fast.  This was one of our favourites.  

The park was really filling up now and we stopped to watch some of the exhibitions and even got a hotdog. Then there was the Pet show! Dogs, cats, pigs and birds, and a kangaroo - they were all great.  Some of the dogs were amazing and so many of the animals were ex-shelter. The trained cats were very clever. 

We did go to the famous Shamu-Orca show. They are so huge it is awesome to see how graceful they can be. Here the 'wet' exclusion zone was quite serious with the Orcas whooshing each part of the audience until they were saturated. Most of the kids thought it was great and returned to the rest of their family during or after the show. 

Oh and there was funnel cake. This is a dish made by drizzling doughnut mixture into the oil in a pie shape. The crunchy cooked dough is lifted out is then icing sugared and topped with strawberries, cream and ice-cream. For completeness we had one. Yum. 

We visited the Beluga whales and the solitary walrus.  Also the penguins in the Arctic zone but the polar bears are off 'breeding ' at another zoo. 

Finally tiring we left, passing through San Diego city and stopping to pick up some dinner at a Ralphs (supermarket). The thing with this chain is that many of them have a full carvery, salad and 'instant' home cooked food section in addition to the supermarket section. The roast beef was delicious for $6.99.