Day 2 | Rest day

Our alarms were set for 7.00am so we could take advantage of the complimentary hotel breakfast. Pretty brutal awakening but we enjoyed the plentiful selection of fresh waffles, toast, bagels, cereal, yogurt, coffee, OJ and apple juice.  Angus even tucked away a danish for later.

The humour of the morning was Angus wearing his Star Wars tee shirt and the theme song being played at breakfast.  One of the other guests came and complimented Angus on his choice of tee shirt.

We showered and ventured out to Costco.  The membership is worldwide so we thought we would get our money's worth.  Wow, it was huge and the selection great.  So many different things we loved but unfortunately would not fit in our suitcase.  With particular note at how huge and cheap the alcohol selection was.  The checkout operator was confused with our membership card - as she said as it was in English she assumed it was American. We did say that we also spoke English in Australia but she couldn't understand. The customer next to us said 'Did you say you're from Austria'. Sigh.  

The food court was undergoing renovation so sadly we couldn't have the $1.50 hot dog and drink.  There goes our lunch plans.

Apparently the person who had Angus' sim card previously had a birthday today and has received may well wishes today.  He's also had many phone calls that upon hearing the accent and Gidday realise its he is not the birthday boy they are seeking (shameless Star Wars reference). He also got a happy birthday text from his "Anti", which was nice. Plus some other very random texts.

Lunch was at Jersey Mike's Subs and man were they delicious.  We decided on a stroll after lunch and ended up at Polly's Pies where we purchased a cherry pie as Angus needed one apparently.

The weather was very very warm out, with a very clear blue skies.  It was not humid at all.

Back to the hotel for a rest.  Angus went to for a run and braved the cold pool after for a swim.

Off to Wendy's for dinner at a reasonable hour.  We think they are still the best burgers so far.  Just as good as the Wendy's in NZ - would be great if they were in Oz.

Early night tonight because we are knackered and we are off to the Paramount Studio tour tomorrow.


McKay | Lunch subs at Jersey Mikes.
O'Regan | The food that we had today but mainly the Wendy's 3/4 lb burger.
Rosie | Visiting an American Costco.
Angus  |  Jogging the streets of Long Beach.