Day 3 | Los Angeles Children's Hospital

Today started with such promise as we made breakfast and were out the door in good time.

We arrived at Paramount Studios for our 10.00am tour at about 9.20am and were asked to wait for ten minutes before they could process us.

While we were waiting O'Regan had a completely unexpected seizure.  The staff were amazing and could not have done more for us.  They were so capable and called for their onsite nurses who were with us in minutes.

The nurses called the ambulance which arrived within ten minutes.  As an unexpected adventure we got to see the inside of the Los Angeles Children's Hospital which is positively huge.  We saw three doctors, quite a few technicians (nurses) and a neurologist.  O'Regan had a CT scan, EKG, EEG, and a drug screen.  All tests came back fine.

At 3.30pm we were discharged and told he could continue his holiday as planned and the seizure was most likely due to a combination of lack of sleep, excitement and having a cold.

So today we were grateful for many things most of all our beautiful boy was okay.