Day 5 | Convalescing

The cold has now got its grip on Rosie.  O’Regan and McKay are recovering. So Angus went up to have breakfast alone while everyone else had a well deserved sleep in.

When everyone was up it was time for lunch and we had planned to go to the Black Bear Diner. It is Sunday and super busy but they managed to squeeze us in. While we were waiting for a table Angus had the opportunity to have a good look at one of the many operating oil pumps that are around Long Beach and Los Angeles. This one was half way around a McDonald drive-thru.

Wow, what a menu. There is a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and they serve all three all the time. Our server (doesn’t seem to be waiter, too formal maybe) to Angus’ pleasure kept the coffee coming.  She also kept O’Regan and McKay’s drinks full.  Bottomless soft drink crazy.

The food was amazingly good given the variation of things, basically a couple of burgers (Angus and McKay), an egg’s Benedict (O’Regan) and Chicken Fried Steak (Rosie).  The chicken fried steak is a crumbed steak with a yummy ‘country’ gravy. All delicious.   Back to the hotel for a rest afternoon.  
Dinner was at Yummy Garden, a small Chinese restaurant.  The food was delicious.

We visited down town Long Beach and it is amazing how many large apartments there are by the waterfront. It’s easy to see the attraction of being close to the waterfront in such a big city. There are 12-18 million people on this stretch of coast of the 40 million in California.

Later O’Regan and Angus went to Ralph’s to find chocolate. Although it was 11.00pm on a Sunday they were still open as were the other supermarkets.


Angus | Swim in the pool (it’s a bit cold at 26 degC though)
Rosie | Chicken fried steak (although Angus polished off most of it)
McKay | Finally being able to breathe through my nose again
O’Regan | Sleeping in