Day 7 | Griffiths Observatory

We were up to breakfast a bit later this morning and were greeted by Edwin at reception with 'Ah there you are'. lol.  

The time has come to spend a while at the Laundry. We have a big bag and stopped in at the Rite-Aid to get some Tide pods. You get used to the different things pretty quick. At $1.75 a load we got the three loads in and settled in to use the free wi-fi in the laundrette. It’s a work day today so it isn’t busy here.  Then into the massive dryers for 30 minutes ($0.75) and we were done.

After a quick lunch at Carl’s Jr we packed up to get to Griffiths Observatory which overlooks LA. Its hazy today so who knows? Letting the GPS have its way we took up a quiet street lined with magnificent homes with fantastic views. Unfortunately at the top there was a small home-printed hand bill tacked to a pole outlining the correct route as many GPS units incorrectly sent people up this road. Ah well, at least we were not in a hurry.

On the correct road we soon parked and joined the many others getting the ‘Hollywood’ sign picture as well as the iconic Griffiths Observatory. Up on the roof you get a great view and there are science exhibits on the inside. It is interesting the endless cycle of different people going through from local dog-walkers who come up the track to tourists from everywhere like us who drive up. It was fun to pat a few happy dogs and watch the sun set.  Rosie got chatting with a lady who had a beautiful blue pure bred pit bull called Dodger.  He was super affectionate.  In the garden there was a tiny humming bird which was fascinating to watch, but almost impossible to photograph. 

On the way back to the car it was time for dinner and it was McKay's turn to pick.  He opted for Korean BBQ. None of us have had it but it seemed like a good thing to try given there is a huge community here (K-town). McKay found Genwa on the net and we got in without a reservation. About twenty tiny sides of pickles and sauces were provided and meat to be grilled on a table barbecue. There was also noodles and rice. It was all delicious and definitely tasted and smelled different from Japanese and Chinese. Things people do with cabbage.

On the way back we stopped in at Walmart, which was still open, for a few things.


Angus | That spicy meat sauce at Genwa, I may never taste again but it was yum
Rosie | The sunset from the Observatory
McKay | The Korean BBQ
O’Regan | All the interesting food today