Day 13 | Shopping and Washing

Today is a rest day so it was a late start so no in house breakfast so its off to brunch at Black Bear Diner and then to do the laundry. The diner was great and a little less busy although they were a different crowd being the working week lunch folk.  The food was delicious as usual but the onion rings and ranch dressing are something else.  Pauline our server (who was particularly awesome) suggested we should have a look at San Fernando Valley which is out where Griffiths Observatory is. There’s certainly more to see up there but we are beginning to run out of opportunities.

The laundry was happening and Rosie and McKay took the opportunity to have a look at the shops there and got a few things. The laundry was busy with the usual personalities.

Then to Costa Mesa and the South Coast Plaza, a shopping mall. It’s really gorgeous and open to nine each night. It’s full of the department store Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Bloomingdales but also has some of the more economical ones including Sears. Regardless, it’s inter-season time and it is not unusual to find 40-60% off lots of stock. We got some good value school shoes for O’Regan and a couple of work shirts for McKay, one of them was reduced from $44 to $4.99 (plus tax).

There was a good range of other shops including a Microsoft store that looked very similar to an Apple store (there was also one of those) and they had a tiny 3D printer churning out little space shuttles. Another shop was full of more Hello Kitty merchandise than we have ever seen in a single shop. We spent a bit of time in the Banana Republic as they also had a sale on.  Both the boys enjoyed being waited on by staff and the fitting rooms were huge, clean with large leather couches so we all could sit in luxury.

There was a big Disney shop which we swear was filled with happy gas as the atmosphere in the shop was infectious.  Between Frozen and the upcoming Cinderella everything was princess dresses and frilly things.  It was amazing.

We also had a left over security tag from Sears set off the alarms at Saks Fifth Ave. The kind people at Saks generously removed it for us as an act of charity. They suggested that had we shopped there we wouldn’t have this kind of problem.  

On the way back to Long Beach we had Wendy’s for dinner. Chinita, our server at Wendy’s was particularly fierce, scaring both the other staff and us, but she was very efficient.

O'Regan spent some time doing school work this evening and then an early night again as we have Universal Studios tomorrow.

Rosie | Shopping of course
Angus | Working out the Carpool Lanes – it’s like hyperspace in defender (warp in star trek)
McKay | Getting nice pants at the Banana Republic
O’Regan | Wendys Frosty