Day 15 | Outlet shopping

The day started with mixed feelings as it is our last whole day before we leave but it is also O’Regan’s US birthday (his Australian birthday passed with little fanfare). We had a breakfast at Spiers. Today we’re just planning to check out some outlet shopping.
Due to proximity to where we are staying in Long Beach we went to the Outlets at Orange. It’s a big outdoor mall with big stores and a cinema complex nestled around a couple of eateries. The one we have been to up in Los Angeles (Citadel) seemed to have a better mix of stores but less options for food. This area in Orange seems affluent in comparison and the stores reflect it.The cinema had a bunch of kiosks outside it where you could purchase your tickets or pick up the ones you have already purchased on line.  Pretty clever. The store staff were all very helpful.  It is so refreshing to have service when shopping.  You are greeted when entering every store.

O’Regan was not as into shopping as the rest of us.  To combat this he sat and ate some pizza and a drink. Once our shopping was done we were driving across Orange and decided to try a Chick Fil A for a late lunch. This is a chain that does chicken sandwiches and has an adorable advertising campaign of two cows trying to encourage you to ‘Eat mor chikin’. Anyway it was a yummy snack, lived up to its reputation. The chicken was yummy but the staff were something again. Angus ordered a coffee and they insisted that they would make a fresh pot - oh and it was complimentary for the month of February. The branch was spotless and they were constantly scrubbing tables and tidying.  They also delivered to the table and checked that everything was alright (live two or three times during our meal). It was but enough already. We went to another mall and while we looked through a few shops Rosie and O’Regan indulged one of those automated chair massages. Very refreshing.  There was a pet shop that had some puppies in the window which really enjoyed O'Regan's company.  There was also a shop that sold ultrasounds of your baby in 2D, 3D and mysteriously 4D as well.  Rosie was texting with Norman, her dad, in Tauranga and we decided we should Skype. Its a funny thing technology allowing us to do all of this scooting up the on the I405 while getting back to Long Beach. It was fun catching up and really does make it a small world.  Before turning in we also visited Taco Bell for dinner. This is a really inexpensive place to eat with tacos going for less than two bucks and massive burritos for four.

While we were sitting in the restaurant (there were only 10 seats) a guy stormed in and said to call 911 and announced there had been a hit and run and the car involved was in the car park!  He said the car had hit a lady who had been thrown into the air. Apparently they just came in and stopped and the guy wanted to make sure that they didn’t leave before the cops had arrived. We never really got the whole story or saw it play out but it was sad to think that these two people’s lives may have just changed trajectory. A few minutes later an ambulance, fire engine, and the cops arrived and in taco time they were seeing to the injured and questioning the driver.

This being our last night it is time for the awful reality of trying to repack the bags.

Rosie | Shoe shopping and bargains
Angus | Shopping.
McKay | Shopping (really?)
O’Regan | Pizza and getting a much wanted game