Day 2 | Las Vegas

After yesterday's mammoth day we treated ourselves to a late start.  First stop we took the car to refuel (we came in on the fuel light so Angus was relieved it started today!). It cost $37 at $2.5 a US gallon (that’s about $0.60 per litre).

The Little Church of the West is a much-maintained oldest building on the strip in Las Vegas. There have been some famous weddings here and it is most interesting because it isn’t like everything else in Vegas.  There was a wedding going on so we had to keep a bit distant but it certainly was cute! 

The traffic was crazy today. Even after midday it was crawling.  Luckily the good people of Las Vegas are very tolerant of our often being in the wrong lane. We also traveled up to the Old Mormon Fort, the first European building hereabouts but the urban park it is in was closed. Never mind we were too hungry as we hadn’t eaten yet.  Lunch at Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen was a yummy crunchy fried chicken extravaganza.

We needed to get to Wal-Mart at Arroyo Market Square to get some food and maybe an Esky. The GPS guided us to a massive shopping zone.  Always a fun shopping experience we got a nice esky for the car for $20. We also checked out Best Buy and got Keith Urban’s new CD for the long car trips ahead. 

Soon we were at McCarran Airport and greeted Pete and Jacqui. It was amazing how many people seemed to have dogs with them. We couldn’t work out where the passengers came out so Rosie got some tips from Jason, a waiting chauffeur. 

Finally Jacqui and Pete appeared - the girls squeeled on seeing each other.  They were looking great from having just cruised the Panama Canal but bushed from a long day and the time-zone change.  It was great to see them and so much to catch up on.

Dinner this evening was a nice easy meal at Dennys (which is adjoined to our hotel).  After having the best waitress in town (Jessica) who entertained us for our entire meal.  We left at midnight.  With a quick stop in at Walgreens for a hairbrush, we couldn’t get over how busy the store was at midnight.  But this is Vegas.  Then it was off to bed as it’s a big day out tomorrow.

Daily highlights
Angus | Shopping in Wal-Mart
Rosie | Jessica making us laugh at dinner