Day 4 | Hoover Dam and the Strip

Peter and Jacqui picked us up this morning to travel out to Hoover Dam. It was fun to find that traffic was similarly tolerant as we got out of town. There's heaps of construction going on and we were quickly being checked out by the Feds that we were okay to enter the Dam area.
The tour was amazing showing the background and then walking through the power house and inspection corridors. The intricacies of making a big concrete structure like seemed amazing that they could see it through. It is hard to believe but here’s some pretty compelling proof. The art-deco details on everything are hard to miss and keep this a great tourist treat. 

We then passed through Boulder City with its history of being the worker construction town it still has a historic feel with a main street of cafes, antique and craft stores. Lunch was ok spoiled a bit by the disinterested service but the quaint street eating ad food made up for it.

 We returned to Vegas to get ready for the "Marriage can be murder" show up the Fremont.  As “Australians” we were good targets for ribbing from the host, Mimi, who had great wise cracks for everyone. From the YMCA being called YMCA-Eh by the Canadians to all Utah folks being polygamous we got the wise cracks about being rude drunks. Angus reinforced this by responding that one reason to kill someone would be if they stole his beer. Rosie was called up for a bit of showgirl high kicks and aiding For the investigating policeman off with his microphone cover. Pete was required as a Pall-bearer for the three ‘murders’. The show had a great ending and the food yummy this time. 

Had a stroll through Freemont St with its zip-lines and illuminated ceiling. The people are the stars in Las Vegas and no matter how odd/weird/strange you are, there are odder/weirder/stranger in Vegas in abundance.

Back down to the Strip to the High Roller. This is the big wheel (biggest in the world apparently) in Vegas that rotates slowly over 35 minutes offering some great views of the light show. We were lucky to have the Bellagio fountain put in a performance. The ‘off the strip’ lane that contains the Wheel was decorated for Halloween with zombies and monsters in abundance. Great atmosphere with obvious groups of brides/birthdays and others having a good time.  The girls even found a rather handsome, muscly chap happy to have his photo taken with them. 

Then before Pete and Jacqui returned to their hotel we got into some late night pancakes at Dennys (2 for $2) to round out a long, fun day.

Rosie and I ventured out to check out a few vantage points for some photos to finish the evening as it had quietened down a little. Then off to bed, as it’s now after 2am. Las Vegas may not sleep but we could do with a nap. 
Daily highlights
Angus | Starbucks Boulder – ‘see ya Latte’
Rosie | Quick pic with the hot black guy