Day 38 | Homeward bound

Last days of holidays are always bittersweet.  Knowing the holiday is ending but knowing we would be seeming the family very soon.

We spent the morning wandering around our usual last day haunt of Glendale Galleria.  It was Black Friday sales so it was super crazy busy.  We loved the vibe.

We filled the last remaining space we had left in our suitcases and still had a couple of hours to kill before dropping off our car and heading to the airport.

We decided we'd head up to Griffith Observatory another favourite place of ours.  It seemed a lot of others had had the same idea.  We parked our car at the bottom and stood waiting for the free bus to the top.  We wait for nearly an hour before the bus arrived and it was 5 minutes before we had drawn a line in the sand of not going.

After a nail biting slow ride up to the top we knew we only had a few moments before we had to catch the bus back down if we were going to make it to our flight.

The sunset was amazing as if bidding us farewell.

We dropped our car and caught our flight home without incident.  

It was great to be home and see our family again.  What an amazing adventure we had.  Wow.  Thank you USA you never fail to deliver.  We will be back.