Day 12 | Sioux Falls to Chicago

This morning was started by a quick walk on the riverside on the Big Sioux River out front of our hotel as we knew we were in for a nine hour drive today. It was cold but still and probably a hint of things to come at 3 degC and overcast. 

Checking out we cruised a couple historic buildings in town and wished we had more time to explore. A couple of observations are that Sioux Falls is quite a large town (over a hundred thousand), largely residential and that Halloween is a big thing. Every few houses have one with decoration (ghost, pumpkin, skeleton, etc.). 

On the road we quickly crossed into Minnesota from South Dakota. The farming is still grain and cows. 

We stopped in at lunch at St Charles, Minnesota and had a nice coffee. It's good to get a good coffee from time to time but combine it with generous, fresh country cooking and delightful service and that’s a definite winner. Then we crossed from Minnesota to Wisconsin over the Mississippi River then on to Illinios. 

Lots of tollways are the theme of Illinois in this direction so we had a couple of 'pay the guy’ tolls and a ‘toss the coins in the basket’ and a couple ‘through the cameras’ so we will need to work out how to pay them. Oh well it all adds to the experience. 

We came into Chicago in the dark and loved how decorated the houses were in the area by our hotel, lots of lights and blow up ghosts etc.  Such fun.  We're lookforward to seeing what halloween is like here tomorrow night.

Dinner at the Texas steakhouse was loud, delicious and value for money. Back to the hotel now, it’s been a long day.

Rosie – Halloween decorations
Angus– nice roads