Day 15 | Chicago to Niagara Falls

This morning we were going to have a leisurely departure as we've got a long drive of about 650 miles (1000 km) to Niagara. Unfortunately, this morning was also the day that the smoke alarm decided to malfunction and peep every undermined time interval from 4.00am. So, after a visit from the night manager who couldn’t help (a maintenance issue) we just made a start. Yawn. 

As soon as we got on the road it was clear there was a major stoppage so we left the interstate and drifted south through the Chicago suburbs. It was an interesting detour but it is always interesting to see a city wake up. Roadside vendors offering steamed tamales to those off to work and crossing guards were already out for the school kids. 

Back onto the interstate into Indiana, past Gary – Hi Rayleen’s relatives. Onward into Michigan passing Detroit, south into Ohio passing Toledo and Cleveland. Before leaving Ohio, we stopped in at the Middle Road Covered Bridge, one of many timber bridges in this part of the world. These covered bridges were developed to extend the longevity of the bridge timberwork (Clint Eastwood made a movie about the ones in Iowa with Meryl Streep). They are quite picturesque, especially in this fall/autumn season. We also checked out the sunset which was magical in this rustic scene. We stopped in at Erie, Pennsylvania (named after the Lake) for dinner before pressing on to New York State and Buffalo, the home of the Niagara Falls. 

Unfortunately, it has clouded and started to rain so fingers crossed for tomorrow.  Even though we didn’t arrive at our hotel until after 9.30pm we still decided it was a good time to go for a quick look at the falls – yes in the dark and in the rain. The Hotel is right next door, beautiful and quirky. 

After 13 hours on the road we are ready for bed and a well-deserved sleep in.

Rosie – Arriving at Niagara after a mammoth day!  Also the stunning countryside the colours are so beautiful.
Angus – The countryside, so beautiful with the leaves out