Day 16 | Niagara Falls, the two sides

After an extremely comfy sleep in what I would say has been the best hotel yet, we decided to visit the observation level in our hotel and as it was a little drab and raining we took our time. Amazingly it has a full view of the US side (straight) of the falls and over to Canada (horse shoe). While we were up there one of the Hotel staff said he tends to linger because of the view. Such a good view. He also mentioned that they were planning to empty the US side of the falls to reconstruct a bridge, said we should consider coming back as it would be a sight to see. 

Although it was hazy it is clearing up nicely. We wandered the adjacent park intrigued by the curious squirrels. It's not that busy here but there are few tourists in the area. It’s not too cold unless windy. We were brave and decided to take the boat tour the Maid of the Mist. It is a great drop and a lot of water, very impressive. Descending to the lower bank by elevator we donned the blue ponchos provided (the Canadian parallel operation wears red) and boarded the ferry, brave up top out front. We cruised slowly across the front of the American Falls and then into the Canadian falls. Lots of mist, lots of wind, lots of fun. After exiting through the inevitable gift shop (uncharacteristically disinterested staff by the way) we joined a gentleman calling (cluck-cluck-cluck) and feeding squirrels. Adorable, their heads are acorn shaped. 

Afterwards we thought we should go across to Canada. This is a walk over the Rainbow bridge and a cursory passport check, even with a NZ passport. The US side is a State park and sedate. The ‘other’ side is like a fun-fair with Planet Hollywood, Guinness World Records, a Wax Museum and even a couple of Horror Houses. Angus’ favourite was ‘Pirate themed indoor minigolf’. Of course, we needed souvenirs. We did note that our accent, oddly, proved challenging for a few today, which we found humorous.

We then made our way up top of the Skylon Tower revolving restaurant (one rotation in an hour, keeps the drinks in the glass). Being low season it is odd to walk through the massive facilities almost deserted. Being about sunset the view was great but photography wasn’t good because of the internal light reflection. The food was nice, service lacking, expensive as icon-eating tends to be, but an amazing experience none the less.  We did have to hand the lady at the next table her camera several times as she kept putting it on the rotating shelf. 

Rosie – Going to Canada, eh!
Angus – I was in a boat!