Day 17 | Niagara Falls to New York - the big apple

This morning was our last at Niagara Falls and we set out for Letchworth State Park. It wasn't a big deviation of our trip most of the way down NY State across Pennsylvania and into Jersey City for our New York City stay. 

I was planning to go via the E-one factory offices in upstate NY but given that this is a work day here (Friday) we thought we didn't want to navigate the entry at rush hour. A little disappointing but we're on a tight schedule. We have plans for tomorrow. 

These areas are just beautiful and add to that the trees being golden (we’ve caught them all), the big gorge down the centre of the park, a rail bridge perched above a waterfall on the Genesee River. Almost too much. There was even a dam but we didn’t get up that far. 

All the way through NY and Pennsylvania are amazingly neat towns and picturesque farms. Many of the fields are bare waiting for winter. Passing through one town we even spotted an Amish family in a horse-drawn buggy bottle feeding an infant. Can’t do that in the front seat of a car. 

We joined the chaos of the Jersey City traffic to our hotel for the stay. Itching to see how we get over the Hudson River tomorrow (we are just south of the Holland Tunnel). We got some week-long transit passes for the PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) and dinner, almost 10 pm by this time. Then we couldn’t help ourselves and took the PATH across to the World Trade Centre and back just to check it all worked. 

Rosie – the first glimpse of NY City skyline lights
Angus – the Amish sighting – real.