Day 25 | Washington DC at night

This morning was very cold so we slowly got going and checked out the local Costco. Not surprisingly it was very similar. We picked up a couple of things for the Esky / Chilly Bin. 

We decided that we should go and have a look at the Church (aka Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception) and headed out. Little did we know that it's the largest Catholic church in the US with 70 chapels on the edge of the massive Catholic University. To say it is impressive is of course and understatement. They are even building another dome. There are tours in the day but we have arrived just before a service. Before kick-off it was good to check out some of the chapels. Everything was in fantastic condition. 

After nightfall we returned to the monument area in the centre to see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial which is lit at night (like many of the others). We walked around the pool and it is a bit of a treat to see these monuments at night. Even though it is cold it appears that it makes it even clearer. The monument was dramatic and still busy at 7pm at night. 

Wanting to visit historic Georgetown we thought we would check out the restaurants there. Georgetown is the home of a university and the area has a different and younger feel than Arlington. Because it was freezing cold we picked the first place (which was French) and the food was fantastic.

Can't believe it's 3deg - it does feel a lot colder.  Off to Nashville tomorrow. 

Rosie – seeing the monuments at night
Angus – Georgetown and the cute brick buildings