Day 26 | Washington DC to Nashville

Today we packed up from the Best Western Iwo Jima Arlington VA, themed after the taking of the island from the Japanese in the Pacific campaign. As weird as it sounds for somewhere with a reception area and restaurant filled with WW2 memorabilia and MacAurthur and his Marine Corps, it will fondly be remembered as having divinely comfortable bed and fantastic shower. 

We set out for the long drive on Washington's coldest morning this Fall (less than 6 degC). The route we are taking is south west and should get a little warmer. Place names echo the Civil war down the Shenandoah Valley which was prominent in the early stages. We stopped in at a couple of places including Meems Bottom Covered Bridge. Each of the little towns are picturesque and homes extremely neat. 

The sunset as we drove towards Nashville and boy it was stunning with a huge red sun going down behind the mountains while behind us the big moon rose.

On arriving at our accommodation, we quickly drove into Nashville but as it was almost 10 pm on a Sunday evening when we arrived there was little open and the downtown area (where a few honky-tonk bars and even a karaoke were still open) was in the process of being occupied and excavated. Never mind, always tomorrow. We have noticed that there has been a dramatic accent shift as we have come down to the south. Adorable. 

Rosie – Meems covered bridge
Angus – the changing geography through the Shenandoah