Day 27 | Nashville to Memphis

We returned to Nashville today to check out the Parthenon replica built for an expo at the at the turn of the century as an expression of Nashville being the Athens of the South. It is a full-size replica complete with bronze doors. A great curiosity for this musical city. The park also had some elusive squirrels who kept their distance. 

We went further into town the Broadway area where the Honky-tonks and music museums etc are. Even at midday there is an easy casual feel to the place. There is a mixture of modern buildings around this brick bar area that is an interesting contrast. 

Today we are travelling west across Tennessee to Memphis crossing the Tennessee River. Today we are keen to get to Memphis as we will get to meet Rebekah who Rosie has been internet friends with for many years. At last we'll get to meet in person. We are to meet at the Memphis Barbeque Co here in Southaven, MI (yes, we’re just south in Mississippi). We were also honoured to meet her Mum (Mom), Mary and daughter Ariel. It was magical to meet after such a long time, like relatives you haven’t seen for years but know them well. The barbeque was great but nothing compared the great meeting after these years. For both our family’s great changes have occurred over the last couple of years and still friendship lasts. 

We love the accents down here, especially y'all.  Think we will have to adopt that.

Rosie – meeting our Memphis family
Angus – the Southern Hospitality