Day 29 | Little Rock

We are again joined by our friend Rebekah today. This morning we were treated to best Waffle House in Little Rock. Best three ways, food was delicious, staff were entertaining and so very efficient. 

First destination is the serene and beautiful 'Old Mill Park', a recreation of an old mill nestled in a small park beside a lake. Undertaken in the 1930’s all the details like bridges and the mill were completed by the sculptor in an amazing concrete. It appeared in the opening scenes of Gone with the Wind. Turtles, fish and ducks added to the picturesque atmosphere. Elusive squirrels kept their distance defying our bribes. 

Next stop was Little Rock Central High School which became the spotlight attention as the venue of the 1957 School Integration standoff between the State and Federal governments. Still an operating school there is a Museum audio-visual resource retelling of the historic events run by the National Park Service. The walk-through exhibit gives you a small sense of the heightened tension of the time when 1200 paratroopers were sent by a President to force a State to abide by a Federal ruling to allow nine students to come to school. 

Down by the wide slow Arkansas River stands the Clinton Presidential Center comprising of an administration school, a library and a rail converted for pedestrians which is neat. The Center also marks part of a river frontage pedestrian / cycle route through the city and through some natural areas representative of the natural environment that Arkansas is known for. Junction Bridge is also part of this route next to the River Market. We had a go with the squirrels here but they were equally elusive. 

Big Dam Bridge is a big pedestrian / cycle bridge over a dam in Little Rock. It connects to long trails and loops across the river and so is popular. In the early evening when we were there we were treated to the sun setting upriver with the beautiful reflections and fall colours surrounding us. We were joined by Rebekah’s Bobby to see the last of the sun before going to Izzy’s for dinner which was great. 

We then kept Rebekah out late visiting the Capitol, some monuments and another river location. Being a weeknight the streets are quiet except for our giggling around and Pokémon hunters distinguished by their blue glow. But, another fun day ended and we had to farewell our friends for another night. 

Rosie | Spending the day with Rebekah
Angus | Meeting Bobby