Day 30 | Little Rock to Dallas

The good thing about a quick-fire trip like this is you are always moving on to new things. The bad thing is that even when you have found something great you still have to move on. That is what today was as we don't say "goodbye y’all" to Rebekah and Bobby but “see you next time”. This has been so fun and all due to the hospitality and attention spent on us by Rebekah and her family. 

We met for brunch and stopped in to get some supermarket goods from Whole Foods then over at Kroger’s. Rebekah had surprised Angus by getting him a cherry pie after he mentioned they were his favourite and rare. After tasting it later it was agreed if they are this good then rare is okay. 

Whole Foods specialise in raw and less processed foods and it is always interesting what things are available. Angus thought the three grades of 'fill your own’ container water, reverse osmosis, deionised and alkaline water (which keeps better). The ranges of raw products and boutique foods is impressive. The movement towards local, simple safe foods is strong if this chain is anything to go by. 

Kroger’s is more conventional but in comparison to the Australian supermarkets it is enormous and the options are huge for every item. Prices seem similar for many things. With some food to eat on the road which was delicious (with cherry pie of course). 

Driving through the eventing by the time we exited Arkansas and entered Texas. Texarkana is one of few cities that has a State border running through it (Texas + Arkansas = Texarkana). This is a busy route but in no time, we entered the sprawl that is Dallas-Fort Worth. 

We didn’t get a chance for many photos today but we treated with another gorgeous sunset as we drove towards Dallas.

Rosie | Shopping with Rebekah
Angus | Being at Mugs with Rebekah this morning