Day 31 | Dallas

After a warm day yesterday today it rained in the early hours and has got colder which made for a welcome late start. 

We made our way into town to see the Texas Book Depository and JFK museum. There is an exhibit on the sixth floor where the assassin reportedly ended the Kennedy Presidency in 1963. The exhibition goes into the evidence and what conspiracy theories there have been. It was good but they allowed a huge number of people in at one time, all navigating using an audio guide so everything is four-five-people deep. There was one exhibit Angus was listening to and said too loud (wearing a headset, you see) "is there any way of speeding this up" shaking the audio box. The guy in front turned around and asked “You mean the recording or the people?”. At least we all felt the same.  Also they do not allow any photography in the exhibit.

We wandered this area but didn't make it down to the Pioneer Plaza with the bronze cattle drive statues. It was so windy we were almost blown down the street. 

We looked for a city sunset position but it was cold out. Returning to the city we located a night view of the skyline from the Edgefield Avenue. It was quick as the wind and the cold did not make this comfortable. Brrr. 

Dinner was at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Carrollton. The GPS however decided to take us to that deserted lane that isn’t on the brochure. Redirecting we finally found it surrounded by highway construction explaining some of the issues. It is Friday night and the waiting area is packed and it’s a 35 min wait. It is themed like a chicken coup and they don’t have a paper menu, they serve salad, biscuits and sides all you can eat and you pick one of five meat options.  We opted for the chicken fried steak and the fried chicken.  The food was simple but so so good.  It was worth the wait though. 

Rosie | Babe’s Restaurant
Angus | The Book Depository, great exhibit but a bit busy